About Us

About Us

Nabi’ Healing Center is a place where people come to be healed and restored. We are a prophetic ministry with a healing and deliverance anointing. Our services are purposed to train, educated, impart and bring people into the perfect will of God for their lives. Building the whole family and living in freedom is our passion.

What We Believe

We believe in application and demonstration the of God’s Word which is the focal point of our services, classes, programs, trainings and events. We believe in Bible Application, Divine Revelation, Prophetic Impartation and Supernatural Manifestation.

Why We Were Established

Nabi’ Healing Center was established because of a deep cry of our Pastor for the deliverance and healing of her child. This cry caused her to seek and search for more of the deeper things of God which resulted in the establishment of Nabi’ Healing Center. A place where lives are transformed by the power of God and families are healed.